Below is a list of results from all of the Multi-Sport races I’ve started since taking up triathlon in 2017.

I also run Road and Trail.


Swimathon 5k, March 31st

*Hercules Northwood Aquathlon, June 2nd

European Aquathlon Championships, July 5th

*Hercules St. Albans Aquathlon, September 22nd


Halesowen Christmas Aquathlon, December 16th, 27:31 (10th OA/4th AG)


Hertfordshire 100 Sportive (30 Mile Route), August 27th, 2:02:55 (16th)

St. Neots Sprint Triathlon (Race 3) (750m Open Water), September 3rd, 1:23:12 (30th OA/2nd AG)

Hercules Standard Duathlon, September 17th, 1:11:00 (10th OA/4th AG)

Black Country Triathletes Splash & Dash, December 3rd, 28:16 (11th OA/5th AG)