Coaching & Mentoring

I am UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness qualified and will be undertaking my UKA Coach in Running Fitness qualification in the near future.

I have almost six years racing and training experience during which time I have read as much as I can and as widely as I can on the art of efficient and effective training.

In 2015 I coached three people for free, in 2016 I coached one person and in 2017 I took a break to focus on my career outside of running and endurance.

In 2018 I would like to take on one or two people who might be interested in training for a specific goal or who might like some mentoring and guidance for living a healthy and balanced life. What I’m looking for are motivated individuals who would like some help to train for a specific race/races.

There’s no contractual commitment, I’m literally just offering my full week to week coaching service through 2018 (with the exception of May, as I will be in India). If you feel, after a time, that you would like to continue self-coaching or would like to find a new coach for whatever reason then that is absolutely fine.

If you’re interested then drop me an e-mail by clicking here and we can discuss what you need and what I can offer! Simple.

Why for free?:

At this point I feel that I would be mis-selling my fledgling service if I was to charge for coaching before I have my full UKA Coach in Running Fitness qualification. Although there is no legal requirement in the UK for me to have these qualifications I would feel uncomfortable charging for my services at present.

Let’s be clear; I’m not an elite athlete. I run towards the front of the middle pack in ultras and I have had modest top 10 and top 20 performances at small, shorter distance road and trail races!

Up until October 2017 I had always been self-coached and in the early days I made a lot of mistakes and found the planning of my own training quite stressful – nowadays I enjoy the planning and I feel I have a very good grasp on the principles and foundations of good training. I want to take away the stress for you so you can focus on running and training to your potential. My coach does that for me, so why shouldn’t I do that for you?

Not only are you getting the benefits of a free coach but you’re also giving me the chance to do something I love to do.