Did Not Finish

There are many acronyms in my line of work and there are many in the world of endurance sport, but by far my least favourite in either sphere is DNF – Did Not Finish.

I remember thinking when I first started running ultra-endurance events in 2014 that DNF/Did Not Finish was a shameful thing. I always said to myself it will never happen to me, I’ll persevere and aim to finish within the cut-offs unless it became a physical or medical impossibility. Well, my first DNF came in 2015! It was not a due to either physical or medical impossibilities, it was down to mindset and at the time being unable to let go of the goals I had set before the race, each DNF since then has been a variation on that theme aside from Country to Capital in 2017 when I ran myself into the ground by setting off way too fast. But then again, I probably (more than likely) could have jogged or walked it in over the last 20 miles…

It is my intention to return to the scene of my DNFs and to finish.

For races I’ve completed click here.

February 2020

Arc of Attrition 50, February 1st – DNF (abandoned race after 46km/6:24:17)

August 2019

Clacton Half Marathon, August 18th – DNF (abandoned race after 5km/19:08)

January 2017

Country to Capital 45, January 14th – DNF (abandoned race after 42.6km/4:00)

Returned in 2021 and finished in 6:33:59

August 2016

TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie), August 24th – DNF (abandoned race after 51km/10:46)

July 2015

The Grim Reaper 70, July 31st – DNF (abandoned race after 50 miles/11:08:16)