If I have a confirmed spot at a race I will put a * next to it and if I finish the race my time will be recorded. If a race has been struck out it’s because I withdrew before the start.


Fred Hughes 10 Miler, January

Watford Half Marathon (Herts AAA Championship), February

*Brighton Marathon, April 15th


Country to Capital 45, January 14th DNF (abandoned race after 42.6k/4:00)

Transgrancanaria Advanced 82km, February

Ashridge Boundary Run 16 Miler, March 18th – 2:12:36 (25th)

The Five Tors Fell Race (13km), April 16th – 1:07:02 (33rd)

Pednor 5 Mile Road Race (Herts AAA Championship), May 1st – 30:58 (25th)

North Downs Way 50 (NDW 50), May 13th – 9:03:19 (40th)

Wheathampstead 10k, May 21st – 40:47 (16th)

St. Albans Half Marathon, June 11th – 1:28:47 (61st)

Harpenden Oval 5 Mile, June 17th – 31:22 (4th)

North Devon Trail Marathon, June 25th – 3:59:09 (18th)

Harpenden Arrows Invitational 5k, July 4th – 19:11 (11th)

Fairlands Valley Challenge 50k, July

Lakeland 50, July 29th – 10:50:43 (89th)

Hatfield 5k Series (Race 1) (Herts AAA Championship), August

*St. Neots Sprint Triathlon (Race 3), September 3rd

*Hercules Standard Duathlon, September 17th

Hemel Hempstead Sprint Triathlon, October 1st

*Herts 10k, October 9th

*Ricky Road Race (10 Miles) (Herts AAA Championship), October 29th

*Hertfordshire Half Marathon, November 19th

Buntingford Year End 10, December 31st


Grizedale Trail 26.2, February

Greater Manchester Marathon, April

Brecon Beacons Half Marathon, April

Regent’s Park 10k, May 26th – 38:45 (6th)

Forest Five Miler, June 15th – 31:06 (18th)

Mont Blanc Marathon, June 26th – 6:40:54 (532nd from 2044 finishers)

Bushey 5k Road Race, July 3rd – 18:45 (3rd – my first ever podium!)

Chiltern Challenge 50k, July 19th – 5:37:06 (28th)

Lakeland 50, July 30th – 10:31:58 (83rd from 625 finishers)

TDS (Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie), August 24th – DNF (abandoned race after 51k/10:46)

Lingfield Dry Hill Ten Miler, September 4th – 1:09:45 (11th)

Moor Park 10k, September

Autumn 100 (A100), October

Endurancelife CTS Gower Ultra, November


Country to Capital 45 (C2C), January 17th – 7:17:51 (89th)

The South Downs Way 50 (SDW50), April 4th – 9:02:55 (71st)

The Ox Ultra 56km, May 24th – 6:35:21 (51st)

NOMAN Ibiza-Barcelona Ocean Row, July 18th – DNF (abandoned race after 35 hours, medical)

The Grim Reaper 70, July 31st – DNF (paced runner to 8:10:26 in 40 mile race, abandoned 70 mile race after 50 miles: 11:08:16)

Ricky Road Race (10 Miles), October

Thames Meander Marathon, November 7th – 3:47:09 (98th)

Endurancelife CTS Dorset Ultra, December 5th – 7:12:31 (44th)


Country to Capital 45 (C2C), January

Bupa Westminster Mile, May 24th – 5:25

Shires & Spires 35, June

Forest Five Miler, June 18th – 31:51 (10th)

Bushey 10k Road Race, July 6th – 37:50 (7th)

The Grim Reaper 40, August 1st – 7:24:19 (8th)

Moor Park 10k, September 28th – 41:08 (19th)

BMW Frankfurt Marathon, October 26th (my 31st birthday!) – 3:19:10


Bushey 10k Road Race, July

Birmingham Half Marathon, October

Pisa Marathon, December 16th – 3:23:21


Bupa London 10,000, May 27th – 42:30

St. Albans Half Marathon, June 10th – 1:38:05

Bushey Quarter Marathon Road Race, July 1st – 42:45 (12th)

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