SDW50: Weeks 5 to 8

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will notice that this post is much shorter in length and more sparse in detail than usual.

I am surprised at this myself as the words normally come to me easily. All I can guess is that I have had a pretty intense month of life, work and training and the mental energy required to write an informative post is somewhat lacking!

Hopefully by the time my next post is due I will have regained that energy and will be able to write a more interesting piece.

Things that probably won’t come across below: I enjoyed teaching one of my nieces how to use a map on a simple orienteering course (Week 5), Sarah and I bought our wedding bands and enjoyed a day out in London Week 6), my treadmill training sessions have been both epic and fruitful Weeks 5-8), I have taken a real interest in CrossFit and strength training (Weeks 7-8).

My treadmill totals for Weeks 5 to 8:

  • 6th – 5.1km, +441m (Week 5)
  • 10th – 8.1km, +520m (Week 5)
  • 13th – 2.1km, +260m (Week 6)
  • 20th – 6.1km, +451m (Week 7)
  • 21st – 3.2km, +255m (Week 7)
  • 24th – 4.1km, +322m (Week 7)
  • 27th – 2.1km, +161m (Week 8)
  • Total: 30.8km, +2410m

Week 5

Planned 86.7km / Completed: 74.7km (+1097m)

I am going to be honest here, I have very little recollection of Week 5! This is even after reading back on my workout notes for the week. I had a tough week at work which hit my consistency and motivation and it seems like my mind has put the learning from this week into storage to draw on at a later time!

Week 6

Planned: 84km / Completed: 80.5km (+2037m)

This week is also a bit of a blur and that’s down to carrying a cold through the majority of it. My workplace settled down a little so the stress there wasn’t a drain and I managed to incorporate my first Tough 21 strength workout which is now an integral part of my week.

It was during this week that, DOMS aside, I found that strength training really does help stave of fatigue and pain during runs. Week 6 is when I made the commitment to looking into strength workouts that would challenge and test me, as well as making me a stronger runner.

At the end of the week I also got a monkey off my back that has been plaguing me throughout this block – I kept putting off running past 28km for some reason! So, on Sunday, I headed out to Wendover Woods and ran/hiked two laps of the WW50 course in unseasonably warm weather. It was hard work and very testing but I got it done and felt much more confident having done so. The mental block lifted somewhere around the 25km mark as I realised I still had the ability to at least go longer in training. I began to plan out some potential long routes in my head over the last 8km as I tried to engage my brain to distracts from the aches and pains of a 33km run

Week 7

Planned: 65.5km / Completed: 69.1km (+1593m)

Just like everybody else who is not a professional athlete, the stressors of work and life played their part again during this week. My car failed its MOT and was expensive to fix which was a great start to Monday! Then on Tuesday I found out that one of my former clients passed away which hung like black cloud across the rest of the week. Not an entirely unexpected death but shocking, premature and an emotional experience.

I put in some good running across the week and a great strength session, according to my training diary but as in Week 5 I have little recollection of the week!

This is turning into a really useful training post

Week 8

Planned 80km / Completed: 81.6km (+1150m)

Surprise, surprise! Another pretty intense week at work but a fantastic week of training culminating in a confidence boosting 40km training run on Saturday morning, followed by a confidence affirming 10km training run on Sunday evening in testing conditions – gale force wind and around seven different types of mud.

My 40km Saturday run was brilliant as I hovvered around the pace I’d like to achieve at my first race of 2019 – the West Pennine Ultra which will be at the end of Week 9. I also tested my nutrition for the race and found I had no troubles running within myself on 4 Shot Bloks, 1 Gu and 750ml of water

That’s it from me for this 4 week block. Onwards for Week 9 to 12!

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