2019 – reconsidered

Throughout January I have been looking at my original list of 2019 Goals & Resolutions and weighing up whether or not I wanted the original list to dictate the direction I want 2019 to go.

Unsurprisingly, given this post, some things have changed from the original list.

The original list:

  1. Finish every race I start
  2. Improve my 50 Mile PR
  3. Run a sub-3 hour Marathon
  4. Improve my 10k PR
  5. Give my best at the ETU Aquathlon Championship
  6. Race a Cross Duathlon
  7. Keep up a regular weight training regimen

One of the biggest factors in my decision to refocus the year is that I am getting married in June and the other is that life is too short not to be doing the things you love the most. Therefore I have created a new list:

  1. Finish every race I start
  2. Improve my 50 Mile PR
  3. Run my first 100k
  4. Give my best at the Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra
  5. Keep up a regular weight training regimen
  6. Improve my 10k PR
  7. Run a sub-3 hour Marathon
  8. Give my best at the ETU Aquathlon Championship
  9. Race a Cross Duathlon

I have dropped a sub-3 hour marathon attempt as I have never, to this point, enjoyed marathon training! I was going to run the Abingdon Marathon in October which is a fast road course. Instead I have decided to change my autumn/winter focus to running my first 100k and then a month later to running the Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra. Why? Well, because as much as I enjoy running fast on the roads, I love running and hiking hard over rough ground! The 100k isn’t going to be easy – the White Rose Ultra in Yorkshire takes place the first weekend of November and covers two 31.7km loops with +2700m of ascent.

A month later it’s one of the toughest ultras in the UK, the Montane Cheviot Goat.

88km with +2840m of ascent, a loop of the largest hills in the England/Scotland border region. The race starts in December when most livestock are brought off the hills and only the hardy feral Cheviot goat is left to fend for itself, hence the name of the event. There are no course markings, it starts in the dark at 0400hrs and the vast majority of the route is inaccessible to vehicles. I’ll be facing peat covered hills, grassy banks and a run along the border ridge with Scotland on one side and England on the other. It’s going to be a real challenge on so many levels – navigation, mental toughness, freezing temperatures, a lot of running in the dark – I cannot wait.

Training in the cold and dark, January 2019

The other things to have dropped from the original list are travel to Romania for the European Triathlon Union Aquathlon Championships and my first cross duathlon. Firstly, the cross duathlon will not fit with the training block for White Rose 60 and Cheviot Goat so that was a simple decision to make.

The decision to drop from the ETU Championship wasn’t so easy but in the end I looked at the cost of the endeavour and the cost did not sit well with me for short distance race. I enjoy racing aquathlon, this is true, but I like it as a getaway from long distance running once in a while. I am good at it, good enough to qualify for the GB Age Group team, but I don’t love it enough to spend a fortune on it (GB Tri-suit: £130, Flights: £400 each, Car Hire: £100, Hotel: £200 each)!

Sarah (my fiance) and I have decided together to divert the money from the ETU to a relaxing holiday together in Ibiza instead – as I said above, you have to do what you love, life’s too short not to do otherwise.

So there we have it, 2019 reconsidered. I am really looking forward to the year ahead. I’m 3 weeks into training for a 50 mile personal best and it’s going well and I have done 6 weeks of weight training so far. All is well!

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