‘Change alone is unchanging’

Training for: Mont Blanc Marathon / Lakeland 50 / TDS

Runs: 3, Total Distance: 47km, Total Time: 3:28

Week 10 - Mont Blanc Marathon / Lakeland 50 / TDS

Week 10 – Mont Blanc Marathon / Lakeland 50 / TDS

My final week of pre-season training/base building and a pretty relaxed and lazy one too! The time is now here for my mileage to start creeping up gradually from 50km to 80+km per week for the next 30 weeks or so.

I will mention here that I am currently in somewhat of a malaise when it comes to keeping up writing the blog. I don’t feel like I have really given much thought to my posts for the last 8 to 10 weeks and to be honest it’s likely this will continue to be the case for some time to come. I’m suffering with a bit of a creative and writer’s block – I am not particularly enamoured with what I am writing and the way I am writing it at the moment but I fear that if I were to have a break from posting I may not ever get back to it.

Last year I took the decision, I think around July or August, to change from an almost daily training post to a weekly one. At that time the joy of writing was becoming more like a chore and another thing on my seemingly endless list of things that need to get done before sleep (the endless list that is never quite done with at the end of each day). Unfortunately, at the present moment, I am kind of struggling with the same feeling. A lot of my weekly posts this year are basically slightly altered workout notes from Strava and I have noticed that I add more pictures than I ever have because the words are just not there anymore.

I do have a lot to say. I think a lot. I feel a lot. Not just about running but about yoga, my profession, life, spirituality, politics, even music! Although, yes, I dare not profess myself a ‘writer’, a ‘thinker’ or a ‘journalist’. I am just like so many other bloggers out there – using my site and my blog as an outlet for words, thoughts and feelings that otherwise may go unexpressed. Unfortunately the words, thoughts and feelings that I might normally express through this blog are going largely unexpressed. Why? I’m not sure. Am I unhappy? No. Not particularly. Am I stressed out? A little, maybe. Does something need to give so I can have some time and space? Probably. Will that be running or training? Unlikely. Will it be yoga? Again, unlikely. Will it be this blog (for a time), quite possibly.

I don’t feel abandoning the blog will be something I ever do. It may undergo another revamp or makeover though. When I started writing this back in August 2012 I wrote a lot of ‘opinion’ pieces on traditional track based athletics and road running – back then it was called ‘#keeprunningblog. I interviewed professional athletes and I kept my own training diary in amongst that. Then at some point in spring 2013 I found myself considering running my first marathon and decided to cut out interviews and writing ‘articles’ so that I could focus solely on documenting my training in the form of almost daily posts.

Another change in the title came in summer 2013 when it became ‘Trials, Tribulations & Triathlons’ because I began to seriously consider taking on Ironman events but this was short lived as I realised the costs involved and the fact I would have to ride a bike, on the road, a lot! It was at this point I heard about ultramarathons and I became hooked on the idea so ‘Trials…’ lasted only about a month as a working title and the blog then became (and has remained) ‘26.2 & Beyond’. Since the blog has been known as ‘26.2 & Beyond’ I have dabbled with reviewing shoes and gear but I dropped that because it really didn’t suit my style of writing and, although I do love my gear and my shoes, I wouldn’t described myself as a geek and nor did I (or do I) wish to become bogged down in that side of the endurance way of life!

So, it seems this blog is ever evolving! The format and content has remained largely the same since I decided to focus on documenting training as opposed to voicing opinion in the direct sense but now I think it might be time for another change. I’m not sure how or what that might be and it might not turn to anything. It may just remain the same. Some things I’m considering are the possibility of writing my usual pre- and post-race reports with maybe a regular monthly update on where I find myself with training and, indeed, in life.

Until the next post dear reader, I hope the life and the universe treats you well.

‘Nothing is permanent.’


Peace & Blessings

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