Monday 1st to Sunday 7th February 2016

Training for: Mont Blanc Marathon / Lakeland 50 / TDS

Runs: 1, Total Distance: 5.1km, Total Time: 32:12

Week 2 - Mont Blanc Marathon / Lakeland 50 / TDS

Week 2 – Mont Blanc Marathon / Lakeland 50 / TDS

Last week I failed to mention that I picked up a cold on my arrival in the Lake District and that the running I did there was marred by said cold and the chesty cough that came with it. So, I’m mentioning it now. Mainly because on Tuesday this week I packed up my car and left the Lake District and headed home to attempt to recover in time for work tomorrow. I’d say I’m mostly over the cold but I just don’t feel like myself.

Regular readers will know that I vowed to take a break from regular, structured running training after the Grizedale Trail Marathon which was supposed to be today (Sunday 7th February). Well, the break started straight after my final run in the north on Tuesday afternoon. I came down from Grit Fell after a 32 minute run to the top and back down again feeling washed out and I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to run Grizedale Trail. I knew also that I’d be lucky to get in any more running over the rest of the week without compromising my recovery from the cold. I’ve gone through about 5 weeks now carrying various ailments from a virus to this cold and various aches and pains. Not a great start to the year!

Therefore this is a short post this week and there will obviously be no race report from the Grizedale Trail Marathon which is a shame because I was really looking forward to running it! Alas, it was not meant to be. During the week I also decided that the Manchester Marathon is definitely not to be this year and I have now officially abandoned my attempt at a marathon PR or sub-3:00 attempt – I signed over my bib to my good friend Trev. It will be his first road marathon and I am pretty sure he’ll be five minutes either side of 3:00! It’ll be great to see how he goes anyway. This means that my first race of 2016 will be the Mont Blanc Marathon on June 26th – it feels good to have cleared the decks and to actually have just the big mountain stuff to focus on this year (as well as my first 100 in October, but hey, the mountain stuff will be good prep for that).

So, after a short fell run on Tuesday afternoon I did absolutely nothing at all by way of exercise or training until yesterday. Yesterday consisted of a half hour circuit workout at home:

Strength & Conditioning at Home

Strength & Conditioning at Home

Which was followed by a half hour yoga session before lunch time. Then, later in the day before going to bed, I repeated the yoga session. Today I undertook the same half hour (or thereabouts) circuit workout. The yoga and circuits are both things I have been promising to start and stick to for well over a year and I think now is the best time to get on with that! Granted, I had a touch of DOMS this morning but that is all par for the course. You have to break it down to build it up, no?!

I plan to remain accountable to myself on the yoga and circuits front by starting to record them in their own right on Strava – for me it’s a great tool to help me stay accountable to myself as I seem more likely to stick to a training plan and goal if I am sharing it with my peers. Also, one of the people I admire most in endurance and adventure sports gave my circuit workout from this morning ‘Kudos’ and that in itself is a motivating factor to keep on keeping on with it!

I really hope I can put these last five weeks of illness behind me soon and get the blog back to being an altogether more positive read! I have always found it difficult to strike a balance here on the blog between writing more about my personal life and circumstances and the training and racing I do because, really, over the years each has had an effect on the other. Life and circumstance has had both negative and positive effects on my endurance aspirations since 2011 but, vice versa, training and racing has also had both positive and negative effects on my life and circumstances . Much in the same way I have tried to find the balance between what to share and what not to share on the blog, I am still trying to find the perfect balance between ‘life’ (work, relationships, other commitments) and my passions (endurance, health, being outdoors).

As ever, dear reader, thank you for your continued support and readership. May the trails, roads and treadmills treat you well in the week ahead!

Peace & Blessings

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