Grizedale Trail Marathon: pre-race rambling

My A-Goal for this race was a conservative 4:25 but that has changed quite significantly since I set the goal back in December. Significantly in that, aside from finishing the race with a smile on my face, I have no goal.

After Grizedale I will be taking a month off training for races and as such this will be acting as the gateway to my break. I’m tired, I’m aching, I’m definitely overtrained and for the past couple of weeks I have cut my training mileage right down to reflect this! Yesterday I was due to run a 16 mile night recce from Ambleside to Coniston to prepare for the Lakeland 50 which I am running July but I decided against it last weekend and, although the temptation was strong, I resisted and instead spent some quality time catching up with friends I haven’t seen for 2 years in the pub.

I can say that I am a little nervous about running Grizedale next week. I will be spending the week beforehand exploring the fells of the Eastern Lake District during the day but it is doubtful I will do much in the way of serious fell running. I am planning to focus my week on enjoying the scenery, the quiet and learning more navigation skills. This being the case, along with my very reduced mileage, Grizedale could turn out to be a real slog. But, for the first time ever, my finishing time is not at all important to me. I intend to go out there and enjoy the scenery, the course and the company of other runners. If I feel good then I’ll pick up the pace, if I’m tired then I’ll take it easy – simple.

It’s definitely going to be a different kind of race experience to that which I have become accustomed and that is enough to get me to the start line and that will be enough, I hope, to get me to the finish line with my only goal for the race intact!

Peace & Blessings

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