Monday 12th to Sunday 24th January 2016

Training for: Grizedale Trail Marathon

Runs: 3, Total Distance: 25.2km, Total Time: 1:55

Week 6 of 8 - Grizedale Trail 26.

Week 6 of 8 – Grizedale Trail 26.

I’m not going to break down my 3 runs as I normally would because I did that in yesterday’s post. I am going to use this post to expand a little on yesterday’s offering.

Yesterday I made it clear to myself and to you, my readers, that I am feeling pretty burned out from running last year and that I need to take a prolonged break from focused, hard training and racing. That is not to say I won’t be doing any training at all! Quite the opposite. I’m going to focus on making myself stronger and more toned. My aerobic endurance and my running speed will probably take a hit but when I get back to it I don’t think I’ll be long in the restoration.

I put together a loose weekly plan that I will try to largely stick to between February 8th and March 8th. I’ll be dropping from running 6 days per week to no more than 2 days per week in this period and I will also be taking up Muay Thai training once per week which is pretty exciting! This is what a week will most likely look like during my month away from serious running:

How to chill out and remain fit. A basic training plan.

How to chill out and remain fit. A basic training plan.

Obviously during this time my weekly posts are going to look a little different. For the first time in a long time I won’t be training for a specific race and my focus will be on strength and conditioning. During this period I also hope to focus more on my inner self and try to become a mentally stronger endurance athlete – I will be aiming to spend more time meditating than I have done for a couple of years and I hope to become a calmer and more responsive racer in time. As for the training plan I outlined above I am happy to look at it and know that the only things that I will look at as things I have to do will be the Muay Thai on Wednesdays, one of the runs and one of the swimming/weights sessions – as far as I’m concerned the rest of the workouts are optional! I already feel more relaxed now that I have let go of my February racing and training schedule and my attempt at a PR marathon in April. It really is time to relax and prepare for the rest of 2016.

That is almost it for this week dear reader. There will not be a weekly training post for Week 7 of my Grizedale Trail 26 training as I will be staying with a friend in the Lake District who doesn’t have access to WiFi. Week 8’s post will also be missing and in it’s place I will post my pre-race ramblings (which I have already written and scheduled to post on January 31st). My next regular post will be the Grizedale Trail 26 race report which I will hope to post on February 9th or 10th.

So, until the next time, may the roads, trails and treadmills treat you all well!

Peace & Blessings

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