Monday 28th September to Sunday 4th October 2015

Training for: CTS Dorset Ultra (53k)

Runs: 1, Total Distance: 4km, Total Time: 00:24

Week 5 of 13 - CTS Dorset Ultra.

Week 5 of 13 – CTS Dorset Ultra.

Oh how the mighty have fallen! I’ve gone from a 75km week down to a 4km week. I suppose really the 4km I’ve run this week is down to a mixture of stubbornness, a bit of stupidity and a pinch of addiction! As those who read last week’s blog will know I seem to have a sprained left ankle that I picked up last Saturday somewhere during my long run but that I didn’t really notice until a few steps into Sunday’s run [that turned into a walk].

I’ve been determined to do everything right during this training block. Getting in the right workouts, structuring my week in the right way, running at the most efficient heart rate for at least 80% of the week and generally being dedicated to the cause. Well, that dedication also has to carry over into rest and injury recovery so this week my ankle has been compressed a lot of the time, elevated when it can be and I haven’t done any long distance or fast walking. But, Friday came and the ankle felt pretty good so I pulled on my compression socks and decided I would [laughably] attempt a 10km out and back – running slooooow for the first 5km and then, if I felt good, the return 5km at an aerobic pace.

I lasted all of 1km before I realised slooooow was about all I could manage without some level of discomfort so I had to change my route immediately and head for home and a run around the block. It was disheartening and it was disappointing but I still felt that little surge of happiness that comes from any run you get done! Once I returned home and got changed I had made my mind up to sit out the rest of the weekend, observe my usual Monday scheduled rest day and then try again on Tuesday. The recovery plan if it turns out I’m okay to go on Tuesday is to start building up over the week: 5km Tuesday, 6km Wednesday, 7km Thursday, 8km Friday, 9km Saturday, 10km Sunday. If I’m not okay to go then I will have to steel myself for a return to the pool!

I haven’t got anything against swimming or swimmers per se but I really dislike my local pool as there is very little lane discipline enforced and it’s rare to find more than a 30 minute slot of quiet time. But, the pool has saved my running/aerobic/endurance fitness in the past when I’ve been injured and I did most of my training for my first ever marathon in Pisa (2013) in the pool and still pulled a 3:23 out of the bag! The recovery plan if it turns out I need to get back to regular swimming will be something similar to running: 1km Tuesday, 2km Wednesday (1km w/u, 500m intervals, 500m c/d), 2km Thursday, 1km Friday (or slow 5-8km run), 4km Saturday, 3km Sunday. I’m already trying to get my head around the fact I may have to swim laps…I know I like a challenge but generally it’s a challenge of my choosing!

Aside from being injured and not being able to run, the most frustrating part of the week has been what I can only describe as an unexpected extension of summer here in south east England! The weather has been glorious all week and I have looked longingly at the warm, blue sky all day, every day hoping my ankle wouldn’t twinge and would feel fine on my walk to work or on my way home. According to next week’s forecast we’re due rain and a dip in temperature so I’ll probably be good to go on Tuesday!

That’s all for today folks. I’m off to look once more at the sky and to get on with some chores and some coffee drinking.

May the roads, trails and treadmills treat you well in the week ahead dear reader.

Peace & Blessings

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