Monday 24th to Sunday 30th August 2015

Training for: 2015 Rest Period

Runs: 6, Total Distance: 37km, Total Time: 2:57

Week 2 of 2 - CTS Dorset Ultra, build-up.

Week 2 of 2 – CTS Dorset Ultra, build-up.

The end of my ‘rest period’ for 2015 has arrived! Tuesday will mark the start of training for CTS Dorset Ultra. These past two weeks I’ve trained using my intended structure/pattern for the upcoming training block and I’m feeling pretty good about running 6 days from 7 and I am really looking forward to getting through the first 4 weeks as my long runs start to range out past 10 miles.

As for this past week. Well. It’s been a mixed bag really. Tuesday’s run was great, it felt good to be moving after a rest day. Wednesday’s interval session was slightly disappointing as I had been looking forward to it all day and then I found the ground was saturated after almost constant heavy rain during the day – I suppose I should have taken the short walk home and put on my spikes but instead I ran in my Sense Ultra SG. Unfortunately these are now past their best for gripping in the mud so my session was slower than last week’s. Thursday I ran the same route as Tuesday and aside from a few twinges in my lower back I really enjoyed it, I’d had a bit of a rough day of it at work and I had a lot on my mind so it was good to push the pace a tiny bit more than I might have done otherwise. I followed this with a very relaxed sunsrise, pre-work run on Friday and I think this will become a regular feature as the autumn and winter progresses – it set me up for a pretty relaxed day.

This weekend’s runs have also been a mixed bag! I have no idea what happened on the run yesterday but my planned 4.6km MAF into 4.6km tempo progression run did not materalise because my HR bumped around so much during the first 3km that I figured either my morning coffee had been extremely strong or my monitor was not playing ball – I switched screens on my fenix2 and just ran on feel and pretty much ended up doing an extremely unstructured fartlek. I’m not entirely sure whether I enjoyed that or not to be honest, I hiked some sections just to get a bit of practice in but at the same time I think I was battling with my mind and not really feeling the flow. Today’s run made up for it though! Hurrah! I’m ending the week on a happy run I guess. Same route as Tuesday and Thursday but with an absolutely silent mind for the duration, much the same as it was on Friday morning.

As you may have noticed I am allegedly training at MAF pace most of the time at the moment so I thought I should probably check my calculations as I haven’t done so since I wrote an article about MAF in February. Well, it turns out I’ve been using the wrong numbers but I am glad I’ve caught this today before I begin using MAF in earnest! I thought my MAF range was 154bpm to 164bpm which I did think was pretty high. Well, after re-calculating and reading the instructions given by Dr. Maffetone on his site it turns out my MAF HR is 154bpm which means my range is 144-154bpm as you should be aiming to run at your MAF or 10 beats below; not 10 beats above as I have been doing! So, there you have it, I’m all adjusted and ready to run quite a bit slower than I’m used to until the MAF training begins to take effect and my aerobic pace increases! Train slow, race fast – that’s the theory and I’m willing to give it a go!

Arising from Wednesday’s slip and slide speed session I have purchased a new pair of trail shoes to ready myself for the inevitable deluge of mud and rain that is due to hit my local trails over the autumn and winter. I have opted to try out some Scott Kinabalu Supertrac which are apparently awesome in the mud and muck – time will tell! I am considering having my Salomon Sense Ultra SG resoled as I’ve found a company that will do that and it works out far cheaper than buying a new pair. The way I see it I’d do the majority of my training in the Scott as they have more protection and comfort and I’d do my trail speedwork in the Salomon (and probably races up to 40 miles). In other footwear news I am also considering buying a pair of Hoka Huaka for road and groomed trail – I figure this will help with my speedwork in the muddiest depths of winter when intervals and fartlek on trail might not be plausible (or fun!) and in addition I have added another race to this year’s schedule so on November 7th I’ll be lining up for the Thames Meander Marathon which is an out and back trail course that is flat, fast and if all goes well on the day perfect for a PR.

That’s it from me this week folks! I hope the roads and the trails treat you well in the week ahead.

Peace & Blessings

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