Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd August 2015

Training for: 2015 Rest Period

Runs: 6, Total Distance: 33.4km, Total Time: 2:40

Week 1 of 2 - CTS Dorset Ultra, build-up.

Week 1 of 2 – CTS Dorset Ultra, build-up.

My 2015 rest period is coming to its end – this week marks the first of two weeks building up to the beginning of my Dorset CTS Ultra training cycle. This week also marks the first week that I have ever managed to stick to a training plan, a training plan that I have created myself with the knowledge I have gathered since I started running 4 years and 4 months ago and a training plan that I am very proud of!

So, something that will soon [hopefully] become familiar, I started my running week on Tuesday with a relaxed and easy MAF effort finishing up with 3x20s strides before heading into Wednesday’s speed workout – this week that consisted of 5x1km (1:45 recovery) and a 1km cool down. It felt great to break out of the MAF zone and begin building up some speed based endurance. As my training progresses I’ll mix up my Wednesday workouts and look to do some fartlek runs and some hill workouts either outdoors or on the treadmill.

Thursday was another MAF effort, again I was just focusing on keeping it chilled and concentrating on form and Friday was a much shorter run and this will be the case as the plan progresses – Friday’s are for just keeping the legs turning over before the weekend and not really about hitting any HR zone, it’s just about running relaxed before Saturday’s long run. With that we head to Saturday and a very hot day it was indeed! It got up to 29 Celsius during my 8.1km run which wasn’t so bad for the first 5km I ran at MAF, it was when I picked it up for the ‘progression’ section of my run that I began to notice the heat! A little aside here about my Saturday runs – during my training block I’m going to go from 10.2km on Saturday 5th September up to 32.2km on Saturday 21st November. I feel that a 32.2km longest run is appropriate for this block as the race itself is 53.1km. Another thing about the Saturday long run is the progression element – the plan is to start out at or around MAF and then to up the pace towards the end of each long run, how far out from the end will depend on many factors and won’t be set in stone for each run. I’ll just see how it goes.

A basic idea of my 14 week training block for CTS Dorset Ultra.

A basic idea of my 14 week training block for CTS Dorset Ultra.

Finally, Sunday came around and I opted for a night run – my race is in winter and most of my training will be done in the winter months meaning that when I return home from work it will be dark! It’s probably a good idea to get myself used to this idea now and to get out there and get it done. Sunday’s run was actually the best of the week, I felt cool and collected and felt the flow sensation. I just concentrated on a point of the trail just in front of my torch beam and let my feet and lungs do their respective jobs – I guess it helped also to feel like I’ve had an accomplished week as before the run I  became the owner of my first car [just need to pass my test now!] and I entered the Mont Blanc Marathon 2016 which has been on my bucket list for about 2 years!! I’m so excited about that and about the prospect of some other races that may be on the horizon for next year – I should have most of my schedule sorted by the end of September and will just need to wait until January 13th find out if I get a spot at the CCC…

That’s it for this week dear reader! Peace and blessings to you all. I hope the trails and the roads treat you well.

PS – Don’t forget, it’s UTMB week!!! Probably one of my favourite weeks of the year in ultra running.

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