Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th August 2015

Training for: 2015 Rest Period

Runs: 2, Total Distance: 16km, Total Time: 1hr 32min

Good day dear reader and welcome to the new post format that I am going to start trialing from this moment forwards.

I had a lot of time to think while I was out in Spain preparing for the NOMAN ocean row and a lot of time to think whilst I was out at sea during the race. One of the things that struck me most was that I spend a lot of time training and then immediately afterwards, instead of eating and then recovering, I jump straight onto my computer and write a post about the session I’ve just done and often a little about the day I’ve had.

Before left for Spain I was becoming increasingly tired with this state of affairs and was beginning to feel stressed about writing up my workouts – after three years it had gone from something I enjoyed doing and something I looked forward to, to just another chore and another thing that needed to get done before I could continue with my day or my evening. I think that my writing started to suffer for it too as I began to copy and paste my workout notes from Strava and then fill in the gaps to make it more readable. I became lazy but I still put pressure on myself to turn out sub-par write ups!

So now I’m going to write about  my training, my plans and a little more about my life on a weekly basis and I’m going to aim to do this every Sunday. I’m not going to nail myself to that deadline or schedule though as I can’t keep prioritising the blog over recovery and, indeed, having fun with my friends doing things other than running, swimming, lifting, rowing, cycling and training!

I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll present the weekly post but it will probably be similar in structure to my previous daily posts. We’ll see! But this week I’ve been out twice. On Monday I got bored so I took myself out for a short 8km night trail run to shakeout my legs from their Grim Reaper Ultra exertions and it felt pretty good – I ran the whole thing at MAF pace and enjoyed it immensely. The rest of the week I felt pretty drained of energy and tired and I think I found the reason why when I decided to head out on Friday for a 10km at dusk – I got 2.5km into the run and all of a sudden my heart rate spiked to 210bpm which is my top end anaerobic effort! The problem was that I was actually running at MAF pace and it freaked me out a little. I thought it might be technology malfunction so I reset the watch and HR monitor and set off on a hike, as soon as I began to run my heart rate increased quickly and significantly so I settled back into a hike again.

That was enough evidence for me that I’m a bit over raced and over trained so I’m taking August to really chill out. I know that recovery is probably the most important part of training, but I find it the most difficult! My next ultra is in December but I might race some short stuff if I spot anything that seems worth it. I’ll begin training properly for the December race around mid-October but until then I’ll be focusing on strength, conditioning and flexibility as well as eating well and sleeping well!

Peace & Blessings x


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