Sunday 17th May 2015

8.5km 40:49 (Ox  Ultra 56k, session 17)

I couldn’t find any mental tranquility on the run today. I just felt like I was going through the motions and trying to fight off thoughts of giving up at 2km, 3km and 5km – after this point my mind kind of switched off a little and I was running towards home.

The whole run my legs felt heavy and I felt lethargic – maybe it’s because I ate meat for the first time in a while last night? But maybe, it’s just because I have a few blisters that are irritating me at the moment and they’re causing me to worry about messing up my feet at The Ox this time next week! I think I might have to look elsewhere for trail shoes…again!! It seems my Salomon Sense Ultra are causing the problem but then my New Balance Leadville exacerbate it. It’s pretty odd because I’ve had the Sense Ultra for a year and it’s only recently that they’ve started to shred.

Anyway, I’m glad to get that run done! 8.5km of what can only be described as ‘Meh’ but I’m happy I got a workout in nonetheless! Not the best weekend for running sadly – I would have liked to get in a 20 to 25km effort yesterday but the aforementioned blisters put a stop to that idea. I’m hoping I will get in an effort of that distance at least once this week as it’d be a good mental victory before The Ox.

That’s it for today dear reader, I hope the weekend has treated you all well!

Peace & Blessings x

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