Friday 15th May 2015

12km 58:47 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 16)

Well, today marks the end of my first week in my new job and it’s now one week and 2 days until Ox Ultra! I’m happy to report that I am loving my new role and I really feel like I’ve found a job that plays to many of my strengths and I’m equally happy to report that, although I’m feeling pretty tired, I am looking forward to racing the Ox next weekend. Anyway, today’s run didn’t really have a training purpose other than to get some more miles in before the race. Today was more about enjoying the trail and unwinding after my first week and it worked a treat – it felt wonderful to be out there, without really much of a care, just mulling over some thoughts and ideas whilst putting one foot in front of the other!

Training for Ox hasn’t been that great thanks to my 12 days away from running due to a virus but I know I can go the distance – it’s just a case of how fast can I go the distance?! Up to being struck down with a virus I felt that I was in a really great training cycle; I was focusing a fair amount on trail speedwork and I’d thrown in some hill sessions of various kinds too – I only began running again this past Sunday and although I don’t feel particularly fast, when I tested myself with 15 klicks of fartlek on Tuesday I was happy to note that I can inject some pace surges without too much trouble. I’m hoping this will bode well in the race!

I’m really looking forward to a fun weekend away with Gabrielle more than anything and I cannot wait to see how she does in her first half marathon. I’m hoping we finish around the same time – my race begins at 0830 and hers at 1030 so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility! Time will tell.

That’s it for today dear reader, I’m going to enjoy a well earned sleep and a bit of a lie in tomorrow. I’m hoping the weather will be fair on the ‘morrow too as I would like to head out for 20 to 25 klicks…again, time will tell!

Happy Friday y’all.

Peace Out x

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