Wednesday 13th May 2015

15.25km 1:16:35 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 15)

Three days into my new job and I’m still getting used to the new routine! I’ve been feeling pretty whacked when I get home from work at the moment so I’m having to get used to running tired but I guess that’s to be expected after almost 5 weeks away from a work routine. Don’t get me wrong though, just because I’m running tired doesn’t mean I’m running without joy. Quite the opposite. Spring is in the air and it’s great to run on some pretty solid trail with buttercups, bluebells and all sorts of other flora and fauna beginning to flourish!

I went out on today’s run with the intention of running 15km as I am increasing my distances this week after my illness. 5k on Sunday, 10k on Monday, rest on Wednesday and 15k today. Tomorrow I’ll probably run a 3×1 mile trail session and then rest on Friday as I plan to do back to back ten milers over Saturday and Sunday. The aim of today’s run was to push through on tired legs so I chose random moments during the run to pick up the pace and maintain it for anywhere between 200m and 1.5km – it has been a while since I ran a fartlek session and I forgot how fun it is to just randomly challenge yourself on the move!

For today, that is all I’m going to write! I’m feeling very tired and very hungry so it’s time to go and scout the cupboards and put together a meal. I hope Wednesday has treated you all well.

Peace Out x

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