Monday 11th May 2015

10km 48:02 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 14)

I started my new job today and it went really, really well! I’m so glad to be in an environment that I feel will help me to develop my practice significantly but that will also give me opportunities to progress in my career over time. I couldn’t have really asked for a better first day – the staff team that I’ve met so far are really friendly, my new manager seems to be really supportive and the clients I met today were a good bunch even with a few small incidences of the challenging behaviour that I have come to expect and, to some extent relish, in my line of work!

I settled into my new office pretty quickly - added some runspiration in the form of Hardrock 2012 picture to my desktop!

I settled into my new office pretty quickly – added some runspiration in the form of Hardrock 2012 picture to my desktop!

I woke 25 minutes before my alarm after a really decent and solid sleep and I thought I’d try to do some yoga before my shower and coffee…this was a short lived ‘effort’ as I fell asleep mid-pose and decided it’d be best to concentrate on getting my day underway in a more active way!

Anyway, the day at work passed and I found myself on the train and pretty tired but happy! I knew that my run would be pleasant this evening and I had been looking forward to it since around lunch time. I had no real plan in mind so I ran my first 6k on feel and ended up averaging around 4:44pkm which is just under average marathon pace. As I was feeling good I decided to do 2 klicks of pick-up and as I was on the very familiar trail loop at the top of my street I knew that 6 into 7 would be slower than 7 into 8 due to the slight incline followed by a flat going into a downhill. So it was that I ran 6 into 7 at about 75% effort and came through in 4:25 and then 7 into 8 I ran at about 80, maybe 85%, effort and finished that in 4:02 – I broke into a very short walk as soon as I passed the 8 klick mark and then started to make my way home, covering 2k on trail and a bit of road as a warm down.

It was a real nice way to end my day! I had a chance to process the working day and I also had a chance to test out my new Nike racing singlet that arrived while I was at work – looking forward to putting it through its paces this summer and the Ox Ultra will be its first test. So, that’s it for today dear reader, happy Monday!

I’m away to make some pasta.

Peace & Blessings x

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