Saturday 25th April 2015

21.3km 1:43:34 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 9)

I had planned to run a ten miler out and back today but once I got rolling and got into a groove I just kept on running – it was great to be back out running long and this is the furthest I’ve gone since South Downs Way 50 back at the start of this month.

My original ten mile plan was to run it around the 1:15 mark so I upped the pace at the 14.5km mark to try and make the self imposed origianl cut-off…I missed it by a minute and change! At this point my goal for the run changed to keeping the groove going and getting in 21.1km under 1:50 so I’m pleased with the outcome of the run. I hit my targets, mostly. I also felt great, I didn’t find it too difficult to put in a couple of surges and all in all I enjoyed the scenery and the weather!

I took on a gel at the 11km mark and a Shot Blok at 17km and drank about 500ml of water on the route, finishing off the bottle during my warm down stroll around the block. I’m not really sure what else I can say today, I’m writing this a few hours after finishing which is unusual –  I normally sit down about 10 minutes after with some cold water and a snack but today I just wanted to enjoy the feel of a good run and get back outside to enjoy the weather before the rain came!

I’m not sure what I’ll run tomorrow, I’m thinking a real easy paced ten miler to give my legs a renewed acquaintance with running tired!

Peace Out x



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