Monday 20th April 2015

10.5km 46:13 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 7)

Originally I set out for a long run aiming for mostly trail at best effort pace – I put a gel and two Shot Bloks in my pocket and had 500ml of water with me but it became apparent very early on that I wouldn’t be needing them!

I may have posted 2 CRs and a went through 5km in 21:27 but I felt drained and lethargic over the 10.5km.

I may have posted 2 CRs and a went through 5km in 21:27 but I felt drained and lethargic over the 10.5km.

I struggled to get up to 4:00pkm pace over the first klick which is pure road and then at 2km my legs felt dead and my mind was telling me to turn around and go home. Fortunately I had the mental fortitude to push on but I knew I’d be home within the hour at this point. I ran about another 1.5km on trail and then headed back out onto the road with the intention at that point of looping back around to home. As I approach a turning I realised there was a Strava segment and a nice 3km piece of trail so I figured I may as well try to pick up my pace and get a CR! I found out when I got home that I did just that!

By the time I reached the end of this particular trail segement I came out near another section where the possibility of another CR waited! I couldn’t resist and tried hard to keep up the pace for a short road section called ‘Calf Burner’ – I burned out about halfway through but I found that I registered my second fastest time on there. Another pleasant surprise. After this, at the 6km point I turned around and decided to go for one of my own CRs that I’ve held since December 2013 – it’s a 700m road section and consists of about a 350m climb which levels out to a 350m flat. The climb is pretty steep a the top and you really have to push on when you crest the hill! I got home and was very pleased to see I finally beat my longest standing CR and took it down from 3:02 to 2:47!

I must say that this was a pretty tough run regardless of the CR count. My legs felt quite tight and heavy the whole way through and I struggled with trying to stay positive and to keep the pace respectable the entire way! I have noticed the past few days that I am having trouble keeping warm and I feel that I might be coming down with a Spring cold, combine this with some blisters on my feet that have inexplicably appeared over the last few runs and I think my body is definitely telling me the time for rest and recovery has come. This being the case I am going to stay disciplined and focus on yoga and foot care for a week – I’ll assess how I’m feeling on the weekend and might head out for an easy test run on Saturday but if I don’t feel good I’ll hold off until Monday 27th before I hit the trail again.

Before I sign off, I thought I’d share the 20 minutes yoga sequence I’ve been following recently:

Peace Out x

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