Sunday 19th April 2015

8km (Ox Ultra 56k, session 6)

This was an awful workout. Originally I had planned a 25km trail run at best effort pace just to test my speed on trail at the moment and to see if I can keep a consistent pace over half marathon distance on trail. But instead I opted to do an interval session as I couldn’t find the motivation to run far in the dull, cold, grey morning and afternoon.

Anyway, I’ll provide a quick breakdown of the workout. I ran a 1km warm-up and then about a minute later launched into what I thought was my first interval…unfortunately I didn’t press ‘Start’ on my Garmin so it just turned out to be a huge expenditure of effort with no data to allow me to guide my subsequent intervals! So, my splits for this interval session are wild and horrible (these splits do not include the ‘junk’ interval above):

KM1 – 3:48
KM2 – 4:17
KM3 – 4:42 (?!)

I honestly believe I ran the final interval faster than 4:42 and I think that maybe my Garmin was playing up as it didn’t record the 1:20 breaks between intervals on Strava or Garmin Connect. Meh. They can’t all be good runs but I am glad to have just got it done!

I may run my best effort 25km trail session tomorrow but right now I think I may be teetering on the edge of fatigue which can lead to injury so I will assess the situation after breakfast but right now I think I will likely go with the sensible approach of focusing on weights, yoga and foam rolling between Monday and Friday…

Either way, I’m going to enjoy whatever I decide to do for training and rest next week as I no longer need to be searching for jobs or fretting about my career! Yes dear reader, I was offered the position I was tested for on Wednesday and interviewed for on Friday and it’s likely I will start at on Monday 27th April. I’m really excited about it and I’m looking forward to getting settled in!

I hope the trails and roads have treated you all well this weekend! Have a happy week 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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