Friday 17th April 2015

11km 53:00 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 5)

As I mentioned yesterday today is a pretty big day for me – I had an interview this morning for a position that I’d really like. As far as I can tell it went well, I did my best and I was myself which is all you can really ask of yourself in an interview!

So, as soon as I got home I decided to run the nice, easy trail around the field at the top of my street to clear my head and to relax myself a little. I clicked into a nice rhythm early on and just kept going – it was really chilled out there, very quiet and serene and it did wonders for my mindset. I made it a little more difficult on myself by changing the direction of my laps every once in a while and the sequence I ran was:

2 big loops clockwise, 2 big loops anti-clockwise, 1 short loop anti-clockwise, 1 short loop clockwise and then 1 half loop anti-clockwise finishing with 1 half loop clockwise.

Even with the turnaround and turning back to run from the way I just came didn’t mess with my rhythm and I felt like I could have kept going for hours ticking off the Ks! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go for hours as I still needed (and still need) to eat lunch and I didn’t take any gels or water to get me through a longer effort.

With that, funnily enough, I’m off to shower and eat!

Peace & Blessings

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