Thursday 16th April 2015

1200hrs – 2.1km 8:23 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 3)

1330hrs – 14.25km 1:16:37 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 4)

Two runs today! Well, the second was a ‘for real’ run and the first was a spur of the moment, just for fun kind of deal. I interviewed for a part-time evening job just before lunch and was happy that I got the position as a kitchen porter, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, so I decided in my infinite wisdom to run home in what I was wearing at the time: Nike Roshe Run, boxers, Dickies work shorts and a chamois button down shirt…whilst holding my A5 diary! It wasn’t a bad effort at all and I average 3:50pkm but man, this proves that I’m a bit weird!

The second run of the day was shortly afterwards and was supposed to be a nice and controlled easy run with only two hard efforts to try and break two of my own CRs on a section called ‘Shred the Gnarl (Up)’ and ‘Shred…(Down)’. I beat my CR on the ‘Up’ section by 15 seconds and then took my pace right back down. The route I was planning was 14 klicks – 7km out, and 7km back and the ‘Up’ section ends around the 5.5km mark.

On the way back, at the start of the ‘Down’ section I tripped on a root and went flying into a bush – cut my elbow, bashed my right knee, bruised a finger and scratched my forearm and knuckles! Thankfully nothing is broken and I went back to the start of the segment and tried again…I am convinced I smashed it but Strava seems not have taken that into account so I’m a little disheartened as I threw myself into the attempt somewhat foolishly after my initial stack!

Anyway, I’m pleased with the run overall although I did feel quite sluggish at times and really wanted to pick up the pace but discipline prevailed and I kept it steady average 5:18pkm over the route. I have an interview tomorrow for the position I did psychometric tests for yesterday so I’m going to see how I feel after that – I may run short and easy, I might run an interval session but I might just decide to have a rest day and hit the intervals on Saturday!

Peace Out x

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