Friday 10th April 2015

9km 45:23 (Ox Ultra 56k, session 1)

This workout marks a turning point. I’ve kind of turned around today and picked up an interval session just because I felt like it – the sun was shining and my short shorts were calling so I just got it done! I’m kind of going back to 2012/2013 when I figured I’d be training for purely road racing up to the marathon. Clearly, gone are those days as now it’s all about the trail and the ultra!

Today is the first interval session on track or trail that I have done since 2013 and it absolutely shows! Back then I could run 5x1km very consistently and usually in the 3:30 to 3:45 per klick range (sometimes faster!) but today shows a completely different story as you will see from the splits below – I took a 1:20 break between each split including after the final one before starting my warm-down. I made the mistake of going straight into the workout from my one mile warm-up though which I think is reflected in my gradually slowing down over the workout!

1.6km w/u – KM1 3:38, KM2 3:48, KM3 3:54, KM4 3:56, KM5 3:59 – 2.1km w/d

During my rest breaks I found myself walking a little and I covered about 300m over the course of my rest sections (most of which was after KM5) which is what brought my total distance up to 9km. There is a reason for the sudden urge to run more structured workouts – I’m looking at a number of 50/55km races which are coming up and I’d like to enter and compete towards the front of the race, maybe looking at Top 10 for one particular race, Top 25 for another and possibly podium for yet another  I have entered The Ox Ultra 56k and I’d like to have a good go at racing at the front from the get go and make into the Top 10! Either way I’d like to race the specific distance because I reckon with my 3:19 marathon speed I’ve got a good chance of running under 4:00 for 50 klicks especially if I do some more specific speed workout on trail!

Rob Krar was asked in a recent interview to give 5 things that get him excited and, aside, from the first thing I am totally behind points 2-5:

“1. Fly fishing.
2. Day dreaming of future projects.
3. Learning from mistakes.
4. Embracing the uncomfortable.
5. Full and productive days that leave me exhausted.” – Rob Krar

As you will see above and throughout the year so far with my racing – I’m learning from mistakes, I’m embracing the uncomfortable (speedwork/running some of the ups) and looking for those exhausting days!

Peace Out x

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