Wednesday 8th April 2015

6.36km 26:14 (South Downs Way 50, recovery session 2)

I’ve had a bit of stressful day on the life admin front today and early on in the afternoon I decided I would be taking my Salomon Sense out for a spin once my ‘To Do’ list for the day was done with! I truly love these shoes, I have run on all kinds of terrain in them from beach to tarmac and they always make me want to run fast.

Today’s run was no exception to the always wanting to run fast feeling so I ended up running as fast as I could manage only 4 days after my 50 miler! The run certainly cleared the cobwebs of my synapses and also served to relax my mind and generally make me feel good about life and the universe.

The session started with a 350m road run up to my local field and then onto the well worn trail around the edge of said fields – I’ll admit that I’m pretty impressed that I just ran 20:52 for 5km (minus the 350m road section) on trail and then carried on to run my final klick on trail in 3:54 which was my fastest of the run! I ended my session with a best effort 350m road dash back to my front door and when I finished I felt great. My quads are still a little sore after the South Downs Way on Saturday but if you’d have told me on Sunday that I’d pull a session like this out of the bag in a few days time I would have probably grimaced and then laughed maniacally before throwing up! Again, I’m left amazed at what my body can do when I tell it to get on with it.

With that dear reader I’m off to track my friends Mark Gibson and Trevor Collett as they tackle the longest stage in Marathon des Sables history – 92km! About four hours ago they had reached CP3 at at 37.8km!! Good going, good sirs!

Peace & Blessings x

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