Tuesday 7th April 2015

5.35km 34:18 (South Downs Way 50, recovery session 1)

After my all out effort at the race on Saturday I’m surprised that I managed to successfully call my legs into anything more than walking action today! That said, the weather has been beautiful, sunny and warm since yesterday morning and I watched Gabs race five miles on trail yesterday (37th female, 42:25). These things combined meant I have been raring to go since about lunch time yesterday!

Gabs throwing the V sign as she hits the final 500m at the Beaconsfield 5 Easter Trail Run.

Gabs throwing the V sign as she hits the final 500m at the Beaconsfield 5 Easter Trail Run.

There was no way I could have raced or even taken a recovery run yesterday because my quads were more sore than they have ever been so instead I opted for massage and rest. I knew that today would be the day to get back out there though because when I woke up a felt pretty good! My quads are still quite sore but not too bad at all – going upstairs is a bit of an effort but the descent seems to have become easier?! Anyway, I attended to my life admin stuff and then at around 1730hrs I pulled on my shorts, donned my SDW50 finisher’s tech-tee and laced up my Leadville and took them for a spin.

I couldn’t face the idea of running or even jogging on the road so I walked 350 metres to the top of my street where the local field trail happily sits. Once I got moving I found that I dropped into a pretty comfortable pace and cleared the first klick in 6:30. The second kilometre went by in 4:34 and the third in 4:46. As I reached the exact 3 kilometre mark a fairly lanky puppy loped up and ran behind barking and nudging at my legs so I had to slow to a walk for a few metres and then, after insistent and persistent barking I halted for a short while and crOUCHed down to say ‘Hi’ to my new friend who goes by the name of Lady and is only 10 months old. The owner gave me some treats and took a picture as I had a little talk with Lady before I set off again to resume my recovery run/hike!

Making friends on the trail!

Making friends on the trail!

Even with my puppy stop the fourth klick went by in 4:58 which amazed me and then I cleared the fifth and final running part of my recovery session in 4:39 before walking the 350 metres of pavement back to my house! The session has done me good both mentally and physically – it felt awesome to be out there in the sunshine and actually running at a fairly decent clip and with a smile on my face considering the effort I expended on Saturday. I’m sitting here now and my quads do feel a little less sore, I have a slight bit of tension in my right hamstring but it’s nothing that a little foam rolling won’t clear I shouldn’t think!

With that dear reader, I’m away to hit the roller…and to have a beer with my old man 🙂

Peace Out x

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