Thursday 26th March 2015

7km 28:58 (South Downs Way 50, session 22)

I went out for this one straight after my driving lesson and I have to say that as I was lacing up I felt really tired – it was a real effort to find the motivation as the wind was blowing and the rain was falling! Added to the weather was the fact that this marks my first real and true road effort in a long time. I knew that I was facing a 2km, 3% climb early on as well.

Once I got moving, the tiredness fell away very quickly and I felt enlivened by the rain! It was nice to shake out my legs and other muscles that had been cramped behind the wheel of a car for two hours. My plan was to run hard up every hill, particularly the 2km, 3%er I mentioned, and to coast the downs before pushing it as hard as I could on the flat sections. I’m quite pleased with the effort – I ran the 2km hill in 9:09 and kept my pace up to around the 4:30 mark before coasting down onto some flats. The route consists of about 3 klicks of up and 3 klicks of flat with the rest comprised of short, sharp descents. My average pace over the 7km was 4:08 which I am very pleased with considering I pushed hard on every hill, this made it quite tough to keep up the pace at some points and I found it particularly hard to keep up and/or increase the pace coming of the downhill sections as my legs just felt a bit battered. I did it though. That’s the main thing! I’m also pleased to report that my fastest kilometre was number 6 which came in at 3:51, at this point I was actually having to concentrate on running hard and to be honest I did not think I was running that quickly at this point – my mind kept drifting to home and food!

Anyway, I have nothing much more to report today. Well, one more thing. I have noticed that since cutting meat and almost all dairy from my diet about 5 weeks ago my body recovers far more quickly from every run I do – no matter how difficult. My legs don’t feel sore, I don’t feel so tired and I find my appetite for sugar and comfort food after runs has all but disappeared. I’m quite happy to finish, shower, drink some water and then select something better for me to eat than chips, chocolate or, to put it plainly, crap! My hypothesis here is that my blood flow is not directed to my stomach and instestines so much – it’s not trying to digest stuff that I’m not really meant to be eating and instead is diverted to more important areas such as my muscles and my brain. I could be wrong about this, I probably am, but what I do know is that I have found a diet that works for me finally!

Peace & Blessings

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