Wednesday 25th March 2015

10.2km 45:05 (South Downs Way 50, session 21)

After my impromptu night trail run I figured when I woke up it might be time for an impromptu daytime road run! I keep promising myself that I will start to taper for SDW50 at some point soon. Honestly, I will. Seriously, I have to! (Maybe after my full-kit test run on Friday…no running from then until race day on April 4th…maybe.)

When I returned last night I noticed my New Balance MT110 sitting quietly underneath my Salomon Sense Ultra and the New Balance MT1210 I had just taken off and the thought occurred to me that I love those shoes yet I haven’t taken them out for many, many months. I thought no more of it as I prepared my dinner but when I woke this morning the idea struck me to take them out almost as soon as I opened my eyes!

As the tread of the MT110 is absolutely worn down to practically make it a dry weather road racing flat I thought I’d put them on and run to the post depot to pick up my new iPod Shuffle (replacing the one in my now ‘probably-lost-forever’ kit bag). Well, being the runner that I am I quickly changed my mind as I started to lace up the shoes – the direct route to the depot and back would amount to probably no more than 5km and that is just not good enough. I’ve also become addicted to the trail and I figured I could fit in a little of that along the way.

The treads of my MT110 are absolutely worn down to practically make them dry weather road racing flats!

The treads of my MT110 are absolutely worn down to practically make them dry weather road racing flats!

So, I ran the long way to the depot! I had in mind a route that would take in about a kilometre of rocky, gravel path (my trail fix) with the rest being on road and with a grinding road ascent waiting for me around the 3.5km mark which I haven’t done for quite some time. Consequently this ascent turns into a pretty full on road descent around the 4.5km mark – just under a klick later I found myself standing at the depot window signing for the package that I missed yesterday and then I was on my way again! By no means did I run this road effort at tempo like I usually do – in fact at only one point did I run under 4:15pkm which was the aforementioned descent which was covered in 3:53. It was great to be out and about in a different pair of shoes with an actual task to complete along the way as opposed to a normal training run where the task is to hit a certain pace, time, distance or goal. I will say that this is likely to be the last run the MT110 make over 5km and it will certainly be their last run on the road – I think they are actually slightly too small for me and they have made me feet ache a little. I’ll probably save them for short, fast, summer trail intervals around the field at the top of my street!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope the day treats you well 🙂

Peace Out x

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