Monday 23rd March 2015

12km 59:08 (South Downs Way 50, session 19)

A very productive day ending with a very productive and controlled trail run!

I set off around 1800hrs, just after sunset and running into twilight and returned in the darkness by headtorch! The plan was to head out to the 6 klick point wherever it may be and to immediately stop, pivot, and return by exactly the same route at that point and either run back on a negative or even split…I just missed out on an even split by 1:07! (I’m going to make an excuse here – I was on for a negative split until about 9km when I turned my ankle a little and the shock slowed me down for about 700 or 800m…)

I finished the run feeling happy but actually pretty tired by it which I believe is my body telling me tomorrow should be a rest day! Frankly, I’m happy to listen to that and tomorrow I will but doing some light core work, soaking in a hot bath and getting in some time with the foam roller!

That’s it for Monday’s installment of 26.2 & Beyond! I hope Monday has treated you well and the rest of the week goes by without a hitch for you dear reader 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

PS – I’m grateful and thankful to report that my ankle is fine.

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