Sunday 22nd March 2015

Run 1 (1150hrs)

6.3km 27:57 (South Downs Way 50, session 17)

Run 2 (1815hrs)

10.5km 49:51 (South Downs Way 50, session 18)

What a great weekend it has been! Dinner and a couple of beers with my best friend on Friday and then Saturday feasting with Gabrielle – poached eggs and spinach for breakfast, grilled halloumi burger and triple cooked chips for lunch and a home cooked dal for dinner…all (aside from breakfast!) with a liberal sprinkling on ale for me and cider for the lady!

Today has carried on from where Friday and Saturday left off. Breakfast consisted of two tangerines and a cup of coffee each before setting off for a late morning/midday road run! It was a fairly slow affair – I did a warm up 2km with Gabs who then peeled off to finish with three klicks and then I ran tempo/best effort for 2km with a 2 and a bit klick warm-down to finish off. After this it was time to cook up some wholewheat penne with homemade red pesto and broccoli, a delicious post-run lunch before some chill time and a nap!

So, before my evening run and before Gabs headed off home, we made our first batch of of Anzac biscuits for the year! These were a staple part of my diet from March to around August last year as they are so simple to make and they fill a gap after particularly strenuous runs (Note to reader: they are not appropriate on-the run or ultra fuel). The first batch of 2015 turned out perfectly and I’ll admit to having eaten my way through about four biscuits before the run.

This evening’s run was absolutely sublime and I wish I’d had my phone with me so I could have snapped some pictures of a most beautiful red dusk sky! The trail was completely empty of people and other mammals – the company I kept was through some late bird song and a couple of bats that swooped overhead. The trail itself is starting to firm up a little and it’s getting a bit easier to keep up the pace without having to shake sticky clay mud off your shoes every klick! I finished the run with a mantra I’ve not had pop into my head for a long time and it made me smile a lot over the last couple of kilometres:

‘Love to run, love the run, love to run, love the run. Love to live, love life, love to live, love life…’

All in all it’s been one of the best weekends I have had in a long time – good food, good people and good running! With that dear reader, I am away to shower and cook something delicious.

Peace Out x


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