Friday 20th March 2015

11km 53:18 (South Downs Way 50, session 15)

I parted ways with the charity I was working for yesterday afternoon which afforded me the luxury of being able to get out onto the trails during the partial solar eclipse. Sadly, the sky was very grey and there was a blanket of cloud covering the entire vista! Therefore, at 0930hrs when the sun should have been around 90% eclipsed by the moon I couldn’t tell – I could see nothing at all but the grey and dull sky above. Granted, it seemed a little darker than usual but for me the eclipse of 2015 was a bit of a let down! I’m typing this now gazing out at clear blue skies and a bright sunny day!

The run itself was pretty challenging if I’m honest. My mind was very noisy and I was struggling with a lot of negative thoughts ranging from work-related stuff, to relationship related stuff to doubts about my body’s ability to run any harder or to even just keep on at the pretty pedestrian pace I was going! One thing to note, aside from the mental difficulty of this run and the solar eclipse, is that this was the first run I’ve done with a watch since losing my Garmin 910xt on March 6th. My chosen replacement, the Garmin Forerunner 610, arrived in the post yesterday and I was glad to get outside without having to take my phone or any extras at all – I have been running with my waist pouch to hold the phone and sometimes my iPod but today I ran empty handed and with no extra encumbrance by way of pouch or pack!

Anyway, I’m not feeling too bad about the run now that it’s done. It’s okay to have a mental struggle out there once in a while – it’s good practice for those tough moments in ultras where you just want to slow to a walk or just stop completely! I did neither of those things today and just kept on keeping on until I reached home. Some sections on the trail felt like the worst parts of the ultras I’ve raced in! Funnily enough these sections were on the downhills where my legs just felt dead and heavy – I say ‘funnily enough’ because I think I’m a pretty strong downhiller and I usually love throwing myself into a descent.

That’s all for today I think dear reader. Well, maybe not, I might write another short post later on as I’m currently considering going out for a road run a bit later! But, to conclude this post, I think life’s lemon tree is now bare and I can now set myself to making plenty of lemonade from all the lemons I’ve been given these past 4 weeks…

Peace & Blessings

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