Sunday 15th March 2015

9km 45:48 (South Downs Way, session 13)

I didn’t set an alarm again before sleeping last night and this morning, for me, came around at 1330hrs! I think I needed the rest and the sleep as my body feels a lot less tense and battered than it has done for a good few weeks now – my mind was a little unruly at having slept so much though. I had a fight with myself for the first hour of my day as I was a bit annoyed I’d missed a morning during which I could have attended to some seriously needed life admin. As it stand, and as it usually is when you fight yourself, I won! (Ha, that doesn’t make much sense but I get it) So I settled down to attack my life admin with the knowledge that I wouldn’t be running long today as I have done for the past 3 Sundays.

Fear of the Dark?

Fear of the Dark?

Whilst attending to form filling, TEFL and visiting my old man I decided I would get out for my first real night trail run ever at some point today. I have ran at night on trail before but it’s been close enough to light sources to make a headtorch pretty useless and unnecessary so tonight I went as far away from local conurbations as I felt comfortable. Whilst out there I had a blast! I saw some sleeping horses as I ran through a field, a few pairs of eyes flashed at me from the trail in front and the bushes and trees either side and there were a fair few rustles and dashes to be heard around me. I thought I might feel scared being out in the dark and on my own but it felt amazing – I know now that I’ve conquered this fear I’ll be happy to go longer in the dark in the future and I’m considering this future to be, quite possibly, next Friday evening after work!

Night run, done!

Night run, done!

That’s it from me today dear reader! I hope the roads and trails have treated you all well over the weekend – tomorrow I hope that your coffee is strong and your Monday is short!

Peace & Blessings

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