Friday 13th March 2015

6.1km 24:55 (South Downs Way 50, session 11)

Another day, another road run! I’ve been looking forward to this one all afternoon – I signed off last night saying I’d be taking today as a rest day but the weather has been so balmy all day and I’ve been stuck in the office gazing out longingly at it that I began devising my route before lunch time came around.

The route was what made this one today. My plan was to run around my entire block and link each road. The only thing is, in my haste and joy of the run I miscalculated and missed the link up by about 150m! Aside from this minor mishap I’m pretty pleased that it felt pretty easy to run at this pace – it’s amazing what three days of pushing yourself on the road can do and I reckon I’ll be attempting this route again but with the full link up and an attempt at running it faster too before the weekend is over…

Neighbourhood Watch foot patrol.

Neighbourhood Watch foot patrol.

This is the fourth run I’ve done in my Hoka Clifton and I still can’t quite tell if they’re a little too small for me or if I may have just cut back a nail or two too far the other night?! It could be a bit of both – time will tell I guess. Aside from the ever so slight discomfort I am definitely, 100%, a Hoka convert. At least when it comes to road running anyway because both road versions of Hoka I’ve tried (Clifton and Rapa Nui 2) have looked and felt pretty amazing but the Hoka trail shoes I’ve tried just feel that little bit too heavy…and are as ugly as sin!

This also marks the fifth run I’ve done without a watch since leaving my kit bag on a train exactly a week ago! I have mixed feelings about running without the ability to get feedback on pace, time and distance when I feel like it – on the one hand it’s liberating and has made training a little more fluid and a bit less structured but on the other hand I hate having to carry my phone so I can record the workout and take a look at the data later. I have done four road runs this week with the phone and the three prior to this one I had to wear my trail jacket just so I had a decent pocket to put my Samsung in. Today I decided to wear my Inov8 Race Elite waist pouch (which also allowed me to bring along a little music on my iPod) but it just does not feel right running short distance on the road with so much kit! Sunday’s long run was fine as I had my pack on with gels and water so the phone just sat in there unobtrusively for the duration – nothing out of the ordinary really. Anyway, this problem should be resolved within the next hour as I am currently the highest bidder on a Garmin Forerunner 610 on eBay…here’s hoping I win the auction because as it stands it’s a real bargain and it comes with the HR strap included. Obviously, I’ll keep you posted!

As we’re on the subject of eBay and my lost kit bag I’ll give you a brief update! My kit bag, I’m sad to say, is likely gone for good even though the guys at the main property office tell me that it could well show up at some point next week if it’s in the property storage depot waiting for processing. Unfortunately I can’t call the property storage depot to find out if it’s there so I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve decided, therefore, that as I’m racing a 50 miler in 3 weeks time I’m just going to plough ahead and replace the three things of most pressing need: watch, kit bag and shorts! I do have shorts but one pair is too small and the elastic around the waist cuts into my flesh after about five miles and the other is a pair of 3.5 inch split shorts which, quite frankly, are only good for short distance racing/training and summer time ultras (I wore them at Grim Reaper 40 last year) – neither of these shorts have pockets either and I found those to be very useful additions during Country to Capital 45 in January. As for the kit bag, well, I need something to travel to and from races with all my pre-race and post-race gear and I don’t currently have anything with the capacity.

Right, that’s enough from me today! I have clearly just finished my post trying to justify to myself the spending of yet more money on yet more gear…and succeeded!

Peace & Blessings x

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