Thursday 12th March 2015

7km 29:00 (South Downs Way 50, session 10)

Regular readers may have noticed something just now…I’ve ditched the Workout Soundtrack part of my introduction. I figured that most of the time I’m not listening to anything when I’m running road or trail – it’s just on the treadmill usually and if I feel the need or if I feel that the fact I may have been listening to music contributed in some way to my run I’ll mention it in posts instead of opening with it. I don’t know though, I don’t normally ask for opinion but I guess if you guys liked it and want to see it return then just drop me a line!

Now that is out of the way I’ll tell you a little about today’s run. Well, I’m tired and it’s 2030hrs and I’ve still not even thought about dinner so I’m going to shoot a few bullets your way and then head off to cook!

  • Running in Hoka on the road is like running on a nice, groomed dirt trail. It feels awesome.
  • The above point still stands even when you feel that your Hoka may be a half size too small.
  • Buying Hoka from eBay and finding they may be a half size too small and not suitable for anything past five miles sucks a little.
  • This run felt pretty good. Much better than yesterday’s laboured effort! My legs seem to be waking up from an ultra slumber and I’m pleased to feel there is still some speed to be had out of them – I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll be knocking of road Ks at a fair clip.
  • The above point will not, and cannot, distract from the fact that although I like to know I can smash out some quick Ks I am primarily training for ultra racing so speed is not really my primary concern.
  • I made a decision whilst cooling down after this run that if I finish in my desired goal placing range at South Downs Way 50 I’m going to buy a pair of road Hoka that fit properly. It seems fair, I did treat myself to a pair of New Balance Leadville after exceeding my goal at Country to Capital in January…

That’s it dear reader. A pretty tough day with life stuff but not a bad day on the road! On the ‘morrow I will likely rest because I’m planning a triple run on Saturday and a ten miler on Sunday and Monday.

Peace & Blessings x

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