Wednesday 11th March 2015

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5.2km 20:50 (South Downs Way, session 9)

Life has a way of throwing a lot of stuff at you all at once. I like to look at these periods, when it all seems to be going wrong, as endurance training. As my buddy Trev says when we’re on the run: ‘If you can take it, you can make it!’ Well, keep on slinging the mud because as difficult as it is right now I know I can take it and I know I’ll make it out the other side having learned something and having taken at least a couple of positives from the negatives. Anyway, you’ll probably see a fair few sentences and paragraphs like the one you’ve just read for a while – it just feels good to get it out there in the universe. I can hide behind the workouts if I choose to but that won’t do me any good in the long run (Ha!) so I’ve chosen to write my thoughts and feelings as honestly as I can here for the time being.

So, on to the run! I decided earlier today that no matter how tired I felt or how much life admin stuff I needed to take care of after work I really needed to push myself to get out the door and run even for a short while. Because of all the stuff I mentioned above I decided that this week the life admin needed to take priority over training – that’s why I didn’t do treadmill hills on Monday, it’s why I skipped pilates class yesterday and it’s why I ended out on the road running tempo instead of doing leg day at the gym today!

I was feeling really tired and drained when I got through my front door but the change in my motivation became apparent very quickly once I picked up my Hoka Clifton and put on my shorts and running shirt! I suddenly felt awake and ready to get at it. So that’s what I did. I had no intention of running anything more than five klicks and I figured I may as well try to give it everything I could muster. From this I learned that I have neglected my speedwork since returning from the Frankfurt marathon back in October – ultra training is dangerous for that and so I need to keep at least one dedicated speed workout in my weekly schedule lest I lose the leg turnover and pace that I’ve worked all these years to obtain, sustain and maintain! With that said I was very pleased to finish and note that I had managed sub-21:00 – it’s a far cry from 18:xx that I was running regularly last year for 5km but it’s not a bad start early in the year. I’m going to return to parkrun this Saturday morning to see if I can better my debut 22:35, 2nd place! I’m still planning on running a 5km warm-up but at a slower pace and I’m going to race in my Salomon Sense Ultra instead of New Balance Leadville. It’s been a pretty dry and cold week so the course should be far less muddy than it was two weeks ago which bodes well for some speed and a hard paced effort!

That’s it for today dear reader. I’m away to keep my eye on eBay as I’m currently on a mission to replace my lost Garmin 910xt! I think this time around I’m going for a Forerunner 610 though and, to be honest, it is largely down to cost – it’s three weeks until South Downs Way 50 and I need something on my wrist to tell me how far I’ve gone, what my average pace is and how much distance I have left!

Peace Out x

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