Saturday March 7th 2015

Workout Soundtrack: –

3.7km 14:39 (South Downs Way, session 7)

I woke up this morning and I had a list of things I would have liked to have got through had it not been for leaving my kit bag on the train yesterday! So, I got up, had some breakfast and then started calling lost property departments at three different stations and the train operator customer service. Advice led me to travel to my nearest big station, Watford Junction, but the bag was not there. From there I travelled into London on advice from Watford…the bag was not there either! The staff at London Euston called staff at Milton Keynes Central who said they were too busy to look right now but they took my details and said they’d be in touch either today or tomorrow – if they have my bag they will dispatch it on the first train back to London on Monday!! Fingers crossed that they find it and I can be reunited with my memories and some of my favourite running gear…and my expensive Garmin 910XT!

Anyway, even with the lost bag saga my day has turned out pretty well! Just before setting off the postman delivered my first ever pair of Hoka One One shoes. I opted for the Clifton and I intend to use them for road training, treadmill training and hopefully a road ultra at some point – I’m still in two minds about whether to wear them in June at the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway though. As well as this delivery the sun has been out all day, the temperature is unseasonably warm and not a cloud is in the sky. I decided that after wasting my morning and early afternoon on trains and at various train stations I would certainly be taking the Clifton out for a little road test in the sunshine. As soon as I got back home, I abandoned my list of chores and the planned rest day and headed out for short, sunny road loop. First impressions are that I’m going to like running long in the Hoka! Secondly, this was a run with no data available to me as my watch is in my missing bag – I had to wear my inov8 Elite 3 waist pouch just to carry my phone so I could record the workout on Strava. It felt odd being in my second string running shorts and singlet but not uncomfortable which I’m thankful for.

That’s it for today. My friend Trev and I are having a curry tonight and then heading out early tomorrow morning for a long run with an attempt at a 5km fast finish – I’m looking forward to a training run with company for once!

Peace & Blessings x

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