Friday 6th March 2015

Workout Soundtrack: Undying – ‘The Whispered Lies of Angels’

9.3km 45:00 (South Downs Way 50, Treadmill Session 4, 5% incline +463.5m)

*This post was written on 7th March*

I couldn’t wait to get out of the office and into the gym today. As I wrote on Wednesday, it’s been a really tough week and I was so thankful that Friday had finally arrived!

I’ll cut to the chase here: this was an amazing treadmill session. My legs felt great and my rhythm and pace felt measured and comfortable – I didn’t pay too much attention to my heart rate data but I finished the run averaging 166bpm which is only 2 beats above my MAF so I’m really pleased that I’m already learning how to stay in or near that zone! I decided to make this a progression run as well as a solid uphill session so I ran the first 6km at 12kmph, from 6km to 40 minutes at 13kmph and then pushed on the last 5 minutes at 14kmph which meant I finished the session averaging 4:50pkm. As I said, a really solid run and possibly the best ‘on feel’ treadmill session I’ve done since taking up running on the ‘mill.

Unfortunately I can’t sign off and bid you adieu totally happy! Oh no, that would just be too easy and life is not giving me the easy ride right now…what can I say apart from, well, I left my kit bag on the train when I got off at my home station and it carried on without me. This means I’m running with no Garmin or HR monitor for a while and I’ve also lost my favourite shorts, Inov8 Road X233 shoes, my favourite singlet and my first ever marathon finisher’s tech shirt!! I’ll be trying to track it down tomorrow and hoping that the smell of my running gear post-workout will have deterred any thieves and rummagers – I really hope train staff spotted it and handed it in at the end of the line. Time will tell and I’m trying to remain positive and hopeful!

So, with that, I will now sign off!

Peace Out x

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