Thursday 26th February 2015

Workout Soundtrack: Will Haven – ‘WHVN’

11.4km 1:00:00 (South Downs Way 50, Treadmill Session 3, 2% incline)

*This post was written on February 27th*

It has been an awesome week of training so far. Monday’s treadmill hill session was tough but rewarding, pilates on Tuesday was relaxing but strengthening and then Wednesday saw my first foray into real, gym based strength and conditioning! So, Thursday came and I was definitely feeling the S&C in my glutes and quads but that just served to make me want to push it and earn my rest day!

This is how I ended up on the treadmill finding myself increasing the time of my planned workout. Originally I planned to run 35 minutes at my MAF pace/HR but as I emerged from the changing room in the gym something clicked inside my head and I I decided that 35 minutes wouldn’t earn me a rest day at all, no, only an hour or more would do that! An hour on the treadmill running at MAF was a lot more difficult than I expected, it took a lot of concentration as I had to keep a check on my HR whilst reducing or increasing the speed accordingly – I managed to average 163bpm for the entire workout which was awesome! I really felt like I had achieved something by the time I warmed down and took on some water.

Water. Yes. Until today I’d been having great difficulty taking on water during treadmill workouts but today I changed that! I realised I was having difficulty because I was taking a standard bottle onto the treadmill and running at marathon pace or faster so I just couldn’t comfortably drink. Alongside the inability to get a decent amount of water I also kept losing the bottle when I put it down – it just wouldn’t stay put in the bottle holder next to the display. Today though I took my UltrAspire handheld with me and it worked a treat. I held onto it for about 40 minutes of the workout and then realised that because the bottle is flat so it rests onacross the palm it meant I could rest it flat in the area that I see other gym users place their mobile phones or other devices. Boom! Water problem solved.

The main thing I took away from today though was the fact that I cannot continue to run MAF on the road or on the treadmill in my racing flats at the moment. I wear Inov8 Road X233 on the treadmill and after today’s effort my feet really, really hurt! They took a slow and sustained pounding over the course of an hour. This is the first time I’ve done a MAF run on the ‘mill and it’s only the third run I’ve done at MAF – once I’ve been doing it for a few months I’m certain my pace will increase but I’m also pretty certain that one hour plus treadmill runs are going to become my standard which means I need to source a decent pair of training shoes with enough cushion, but also enough speed and light weight, to use on the treadmill. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided to take the plunge and treat myself to a pair of Hoka One One Rapa Nui 2 (Tarmac) for just this purpose…and maybe to run long on the road in too! I held a pair in my hands for the first time a couple of weeks back and was blown away by how lightweight they were and then the guy in the store persuaded me to try them on and jump on the treadmill for a while – it was like running on clouds. Absolutely blissful. I somehow managed to leave the store without buying them but I’ve thought about them a lot since and now it seems I have a decent enough excuse (in my humble opinion) to go ahead and purchase them!

And on that note dear reader, I bid thee adieu until Saturday’s post after my first ever parkrun!

Peace & Blessings x



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