Monday 23rd February 2015

Workout Soundtrack: Nine Inch Nails – ‘Year Zero

7km 30:00 (South Downs Way 50, Treadmill Session 2a , 3% incline)

3 minute rest

3km 15:20 (South Downs Way 50, Treadmill Session 2b, 3-4-6-7-6-4-3% incline)

*This post was written on 24th February*

0730hrs, 24th February

I’m writing this the morning after the night  before because as I stepped off the treadmill I felt great, there was no sign of pain in my foot! But, on the walk home I began to get twinges in my knee which I know comes from a recurring trapped L3 spinal nerve – I wanted to be sure this was temporary before waxing lyrical about my miraculous recovery.

As for the treadmill sessions themselves, physically I felt great and it was good to get some leg turnover going after a while without running at all and I was kind of glad that I’d forgotten to pack my watch and HR monitor before leaving home – I felt the need to run hard and to run above MAF regardless of injury testing and my desire to try out MAF for real! A few things plagued my mental game and made it more challenging – first of all my water bottle fell from within reach after about five minutes of running so I was running to dehydration by the end of the first session but throughout both runs (and all of Monday) I couldn’t help but think about some personal issues that are weighing heavily on my heart at the moment. I’m not going to go into details but suffice to say I’m having a bit of an emotional struggle and I hope that it all pans out in the way I’d love it to…only time will tell and until it does I need to keep on keeping on and taking positives from negatives. Hey, if life was easy it’d be boring, right?!

Anyway, post run, the twinges in my knee were at first quite severe and pretty painful; enough to make me limp and break out in a sweat! I was walking along breathing very heavily trying to get back to my office to drop off my gear as quickly as possible – once I arrived at the office I did what I call my L3 relief workout (half push-ups x25 and dorsal raises x25) and the pain subsided pretty quickly. I’m sitting here writing and the knee feels a little stiff but I know that with a few more relief workouts and some pilates later today I should be good to get back into my training properly! I’m not going to wax lyrical about a miraculous recovery either – I’ve no idea what my foot injury was about but it took me out of the game proper for almost a month and then all of a sudden it disappeared?! I have a doctor’s appointment in half an hour and I was going to ask for an X-Ray on the foot because to be honest I felt last night’s treadmill session would show that something isn’t quite right!

0930hrs 24th February

My doctor has given me the all clear – he is satisfied that I have no break or fracture in my foot or lower leg and I am pretty much good to get back into training, albeit slowly! The Doc thinks I may have been suffering with some form of bruising and/or inflammation similar to plantar fasciitis. He also agreed that the stiffness in my right knee this morning is emanating from my recurring L3 problem – it’s just something that, for me at least, comes with ultra racing and training but I’m thankful I have a way of dealing with it and that it doesn’t hobble me for months on end!

The plan is to gently get back into long distance training and I will likely follow the routine I’ve started this week into next:

Monday: Treadmill Hills Tuesday: Pilates Wednesday: S&C/Weights

Thursday: Treadmill Hills Friday: Rest

Saturday: Park Run Sunday: Short trail loop or Rest

After this I’ll see how the land lies and will lengthen the Thursday and Sunday runs and get back to MAF training – Monday’s will always be above MAF going forward and will either consist of speed work or hills on the treadmill. And with those final words my work here is done! I’m back in the game and ready to train!

Until next time dear reader, I bid thee adieu.

Peace & Blessings x

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