Sunday 25th January 2015

Workout Soundtrack: Paul Oakenfold – ‘Goa Mix’

4km 21:59 (South Downs Way 50, session 2)

What can I say about this morning’s run? Not much really if I’m honest! I woke up with a bit of a headache and an unexpected knot in my left calf muscle! Maybe I’d been running some hills in my dreams or something?! All I know is that I didn’t really feel much up to running at all but I wanted to put in the effort. So it was that I got out of bed and straight into my running gear, went down the stairs, consumed half a litre of cold water and a tangerine and then set off.

I shoved a gel into the pocket of my shorts as I was still unsure at this point whether or not I might pull it together for a long run which is why I also had a soft flask in hand. It soon became apparent as I left my street and entered my local fields that today was not going to be a good one for running! My calf muscle felt extremely tight and like it was pinging every time I pushed off and then a short while later my right foot began to feel sore too – not the best start at all. I kept my pace down as I did not feel confident in my stabilising muscles to keep me upright on intermittent sections of ice and mud but after about a klick my mind settled into the idea that this would be a short, slow run ending with a foam roller session.

I have said many times here on the blog that they can’t all be good runs but, again, you only regret the ones you don’t do. I’m pleased I headed out the door and that I had enough mental strength and foresight not to push myself to run long today. I know if I had it’s likely I’d end up injured and out of the running game for two weeks or more and that is not something I need right now – it’s certainly not something Gabrielle or my colleagues need either because I am a bit of a miserable person to be around when I can’t hit the road or the trails regularly!

Anyway, I’m away now to enjoy the peace and quiet of Sunday! …and I’m away to grimace through some more foam rolling…

I hope the roads and trails have treated you well this weekend dear readers, until next time, adieu!

Peace & Blessings x
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