Country to Capital Ultra: pre-race ramblings

Well, Country to Capital is less than 24 hours away and I’m packed up and ready to hit the trail as of 0830hrs tomorrow morning!

I’ve been having waves of excitement, nerves and apprehension all day so far but I’m feeling far more prepared this time around having learned a lot from my first ultra back in August last year. This time around I will be fuelling on gels every 10 to 12km and then eating solids when I get to aid stations if I feel the need and, indeed, if they’re available.

This time around I’m also more prepared because instead of just thinking there might be some difficult and painful parts of the race, I know and so accordingly I also know that these will pass and that I just need to keep moving at all costs. In addition to this this I know that no matter what, I need to start slower than I did in August and to conserve my energy early on – this means no hill sprints and no half marathon pace efforts on the flat. I learned to my detriment last time that this might be fine for a while and I might feel good but it smashes the glycogen stores and brings on the aforementioned pain and mental turmoil a whole lot quicker!

I’ll be running with no support on course or at aid stations this time around as Gabrielle is on a business trip and not due to return until some time late tomorrow afternoon and my friends just don’t have enough interest in running in general to come out and stand in the cold, waiting around just to give my crazy ass some encouragement for less than five minutes! With this being the case, instead of my desire to see Gabs or somebody at the finish line my motivators for the tough parts tomorrow are twofold. Firstly, I really want the 2 UTMB points that come with finishing this race and secondly I’ve promised myself a pair of New Balance Leadville if I can finish inside my goal race position (I’m not telling you what it is, that will be revealed in my race report).

That’s it. That’s my first ever pre-race report here on the blog. Please send your positive vibes my way and encouraging tweets would be most welcome also as it’s a race requirement for me to have my phone with me at all times (I don’t plan to look at or use it unless I’m suffering a mid-race meltdown though)!

Peace & Blessings x

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