Sunday 11th January 2015

Workout Soundtrack: –

6km 39:00 (Country to Capital, session 15)

*This post was written on January 12th*

Gabs and I went for a very gentle and fun run through the local forest trails. We took our time, especially as Gabrielle had never been on these particular trails and they were very muddy and boggy in some sections. It was great to be out there with somebody else and this will likely be my final trail run before Country to Capital next weekend!

I think next week I’m going to stay off the trails and the roads, although when I arrive at my hotel the day before the race I think I might head out for a slow meander around the local trails just to get my legs in the mood for the big jog the next day. With that, dear reader, I am signing off and it’s quite possible the next thing you read from me is my race report!

Happy trails y’all!

Peace Out x

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