Wednesday 7th January 2015

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6km 28:47 (Country to Capital, session 14)

Yesterday a lot of my new gear arrived after Sunday’s long run lesson but I was far too tired after a very long day at work to go for a trail test run so today I was pretty excited to get out there and get it done!

Unfortunately my Montane Mountain shorts are quite a size too small so I had to reorder them – they will arrive tomorrow, along with my new thermal trail gloves. So, today I took my Buff, Salomon trail gaiters and Injinji out for a quick spin around the fields at the top of my street. I knew it would be muddy and a challenge so it was perfect for the gaiter test…they passed the test and I finished with nothing in my shoes but my feet!

A couple of things I noticed on the trail today was that the Salomon Sense Ultra SG don’t seem to be so grippy in shallow mud – they shed the build up of mud pretty well but they’re not the most stable platform to run on in such conditions! On Sunday the mud was pretty intense but it was firmer and possibly a little stickier so I didn’t notice. Anyway, it’s all good, I’ll take whatever comes from the trails at Country to City!! The second thing that I noticed was that it gets dark pretty quickly on the trail and I should have either started with my head torch in position or at least had it somewhere reachable in my pack or in the front pocket of my trail jacket – it’s lucky I know the trail I was running on quite well otherwise it could have ended quite badly!

So, a slow run with more lessons learned. I’m beginning to realise I’m a real trail novice when it comes to winter – for the past few years I’ve been so used to road running through the winter that I’ve completely missed out on learning to run in the dark, off road and by headtorch! On the ‘morrow I will be heading out around 1900hrs with my headtorch in place and with about 10 kilometres of mud running ahead of me…I can’t wait!

Peace & Blessings x

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