Sunday 4th January 2015

Workout Soundtrack: –

32.2km 3:30:25 (Country to Capital, session 13)

I said yesterday that it was today or not at all for a pre-Country to Capital long run! So, I did it. I went out and I ran past my usual training comfort zone of 25km max and covered 20 miles with a few walk breaks and two stops – first to take a photograph of a lovely bit of trail and the second to get a photograph with a deer!

Anyway, I’m sitting here feeling pretty tired and cold so I’m just going to put a few bullet points out there and be done with it for the day:

  1. When I left my house it was -1°C.
  2. When I returned it was 2°C but felt much colder – I think my body had lost it’s capacity to regulate temperature after I slowed.
  3. I lost the feeling in my feet at about 10 miles thanks to waterlogged and very muddy trail sections so I am now going to purchase some trail gaiters to use at C2C.
  4. I lost the feeling in my hands and fingers at about 25km so I’m purchasing an additional pair of gloves to keep in my dry sack for the race.
  5. I am going to purchase a running beanie hat to change into around the half way point at C2C. In addition I will be packing a small towel to dry my hair and feet at this point too as I will be changing into fresh socks if conditions are anything like they were today.
  6. Following trail markers is an easy way to clock up the miles…but sometimes it’s more fun to go right off piste and go bushwacking in search of a trail that you know is just over there!
  7. I took on board what I learned from my first ultra back in August and mostly power hiked the ups and ran the downs.
  8. I like running on single track.
  9. I hate running on grass and through ankle deep mud.
  10. Although trail running is great once in a while this is largely down to the views and the lack of people and noise. I think it is safe to conclude that I am definitely more comfortable running on the road because I like to run and race at a regular pace with some surges thrown in. Trail running, at this distance, is far too stop/start in my opinion.
  11. I covered 20 miles on a bowl of porridge, a banana and a tangerine for breakfast and then 1 litre of water during the run itself. I really need to remember to put fuel in as I’m running during ultras!
  12. To conclude, I woke up with zero motivation to run far or to run trail so therefore I’m sitting here feeling pretty accomplished and happy – this was probably the most difficult trail run I’ve ever done due to the conditions so I’m hoping for a bit more solid ground at Country to Capital…if not, oh well!

I hope the weekend trails and roads have treated you all well! Enjoy the week 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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