Saturday 3rd January 2015

Workout Soundtrack: Rob Zombie – ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’

8.25km 37:03 (Country to Capital, session 12)

You could call this a reverse progression run at an easy and then easier…and easier pace! I just wanted to log some miles today and didn’t much feel like pushing the pace at all so I sat back and cruised for most of the run. The only time I made  an effort to pick it up was for the two hill sections – one and 4 klicks and one at 7.

Something else that helped me to keep the pace down was the fact that I was wearing capri for the first time ever! I have previously run in tights but only a handful of times when I first took to the trails and roads. I found that as winter began to set in this year I was getting some pretty aggressive chafe around the seam of my shorts which has never happened before and also my legs were taking quite a while to warm up on the run – the capri are an effort to eliminate both of these things before Country to Capital on January 17th. I have a feeling the first half of that race is going to be pretty cold and hard going, I have no evidence to back this feeling up, it’s just something in my gut and inching ever closer to the front of my mind along with the fact I’m going to have to clock long training run in before the race rolls around…I’ve never really been a fan of long, long training runs with my preferred distance being 21 to 25km so I’m building up to this but I need to face the fact that it’s going to have to happen tomorrow or at the very latest, next weekend – if I leave it that late it will likely be the last run I do before the race!

I’m getting excited about the race though and I’m taking that as a good sign! This time last year I was weighing up whether or not I would race and around about this time I decided to withdraw – not this time though!!

Peace Out x

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