Wednesday 31st December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Bane – ‘It All Comes Down to This’ & Earth Crisis – ‘All Out War/Firestorm’

5km 20:00 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 4a)

5 minute cool down

3km 10:45 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 4b)

Gabs and I went to the gym together before lunch. It was awesome. I ran a 20:00 flat 5km on the treadmill, cooled down a little and then hit a treadmill tempo averaging 3:30 per km for 3km. Then we swam. Then we hit the sauna.

After this we went for lunch. Burritos. Tasty. After this Gabrielle had a few maragaritas in various Shoreditch establishments and I had various ales as the day went on. Then we went home, drank some wine and ate some very rich and tasty food in front of an open fire to see in 2015 🙂

A lovely way to end 2014 and a wonderful way to begin 2015.

Happy New Year Y’all, peace & blessings x

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