Thursday 1st January 2015

Workout Soundtrack: –

5.2km 22:18 (Country to Capital, session 11)

Gabs and I both decided not to set alarms and to wake up naturally today, so it was that we woke at 1235hrs feeling happy, refreshed and ready to get 2015 off to a running start!

We took a while to rouse ourselves and spend the early afternoon lazing around, chatting, reading and tidying up the kitchen from last night’s New Years Eve feast.

It’s great to be able to start the year running, as I have done since I went for my first run in April 2011. This is the fourth year I have laced up on New Years Day and hit the road and it was…well, hard! Today marks eight days from eight that I’ve been for a run but today my legs definitely felt the treadmill tempo from yesterday and the road tempo from the day before…as well as the ale, wine and steak that I consumed last night.

Anyway, fast or slow it’s always good to start as you mean to go on. Gabs also ran today, we left at the same time but ran different routes – she ran a counter clockwise out and back road loop and I ran a clockwise out and back with few diversions at the end to bring my klick total to 5 🙂

I hope you’ve started the year as you mean to go on! May 2015 treat you well, may your runs be long and your year be plentiful.

Peace & Blessings

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