Monday 29th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Slam Radio Podcast – ‘#117 mixed by Slam’

9km 36:00 (Country to Capital, Treadmill Session 3) 

Treadmill: 0-4km 14.5kmph / 4-7km 15.5kmph / 7-9km 16.5kmph (0% incline)

Six runs, six days, no injuries, no niggles, plenty of smiles!

I started this treadmill session off at a nice and relaxed 14.5kmph but after about 2 klicks I decided I was going for a progression run! At 4 klicks I increased the speed to 15.5kmph and enjoyed the sensation of picking up the pace after a nice and easy start!

Time does seem to drag on the treadmill though and I found I kept looking down and waiting for 7 klicks to come around so I could increase the speed one last time! I was determined to reach the 9km mark at 36:00 so instead of the more gentle .5kmph increase I had originally planned, as the seven kilometre mark approached, I increased to what amounts to the fastest speed I can run comfortably at the moment – 16.5kmph. I say comfortably but really, after around 25 minutes of running increasing the pace is not something I’m usually very good at or comfortable with but it’s something I am trying to learn to do – I’d like to be able to pick it up towards the end of my short distance races next year up to and including half marathon and I think the treadmill is a good place to start putting this into practice! It’s a pretty unforgiving machine to run on and the gym is a pretty unforgiving environment to run in and I’ve found that once I start increasing the speed on the treadmill and my heart rate starts climbing I zone out quite a bit and just grit through it – I totally forget about the environment as the effort increases.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m happy to have put six runs together and maybe tomorrow I’ll take a day off…or maybe I’ll fit in a short, moderately paced road effort…we shall see!

Happy Monday everyone!

Peace Out x

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