Saturday 27th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

16km 1:12:03 (Country to Capital, session 6)

I did not feel a tiny bit motivated when I woke up and pulled on my running gear this morning! I took a few steps and realised I’d need to get the foam roller on my hamstrings and calf muscles later on so I decided to wear my Compressport calf guards for the first time and, for added stability in my hams, I put my Speedo jammers underneath my shorts – both of these things worked a treat on the run it turns out – I might even venture out in this get up for the Country to Capital Ultra on January 17th.

Anyway, as I wasn’t feeling motivated I thought I’d just run out and repeat the 5km road loop I did on Christmas Eve but halfway through this I decided I need to match yesterday’s run in distance at least! My motivation picked up the moment I decided to stick to that as a plan of action. It is very hard running road loops, especially loops that take you past your home street every 2.2km but I just kept my head up, kept my legs moving and aimed to keep a fairly consistent pace on both the straights, the uphill and the downhill that make up the loop itself. Something tells me this road loop is going to become an integral part of my mental strength training for ultras!

This run marks the first time since finishing the Frankfurt Marathon in October that I’ve put together 4 runs on 4 consecutive days and it’s the first time I’ve ran further than about 12km so I’m pleased with the effort and tomorrow I’m looking forward to slowing it down and going for a run with Gabrielle.

That’s it for today dear reader! It seems I’m rediscovered my running mojo and I’m feeling happy and excited to have finally go to grips with my physical and mental demons in time to prepare for Country to Capital. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Peace Out x

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