Friday 26th December 2014

Workout Soundtrack: –

11.4km 50:50 (Country to Capital, session 5)

I wasn’t sure how I might feel when I woke up this morning. Obviously with yesterday being Christmas Day I ate a lot more than I usually would and drank a fair bit of ale from 1200hrs until 2230hrs when I had my final sip! But, thanks to an error on my part, I ended up with an impromptu lie-in this morning as I set my weekend alarm forgetting that today is Friday and not Saturday. This meant instead of waking up at 0845hrs I woke at 1000hrs and felt fantastic as I went to sleep around 0000hrs!

Anyway, because I had no idea how I might feel this morning I put all my running gear out ready to put on as soon as my feet touched the floor this morning. This worked a treat and I was feeling really good about feeling so up for it and motivated having only been awake for about 30 seconds! I downed some water, brushed my teeth and then hit the road. I had no idea how far I was going to run, I had no idea which route I was going to run and I had no pacing or time goals in mind so I just ran. One thing I noticed quite quickly was that the temperature was sub-zero for the first time in a long time so my legs turned a lovely shade of red quite quickly and it took a good while for my muscles to warm up and my breathing to regulate. This was no problem though – I enjoy running in the cold as it keeps you alert and, I find, helps to focus on the end goal more so than in the summer when you can burn yourself out in the heat!

I enjoyed the route I took because, like yesterday, it was new to me. Well, not new in the sense I didn’t know where I was, but new because I’ve never actually run it before. I’m not sure where I’ll be heading tomorrow but I’ve enjoyed exploring the roads around where I grew up these past couple of days so I may continue my explorations on the ‘morrow – there are some decent hills I’ve yet to charge!

With that my dear reader I shall leave you to your festive food comas! I hope the roads and trails have treated you all well this Christmas 🙂

Peace & Blessings

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